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Massage therapy Physiotherapy Neck pain treatment

"I have been treated by Dr. Jeff for almost 6 years for lower disc degeneration with excellent results. When I come in the office I always enjoy seeing Michelle’s smiling face and always feel welcome. I truly believe in the care I receive from Lakewood Spine and Sport and would recommend it to anyone I know. "

- Phillip

•  Massage therapy for relaxation, pain relief

   and injury

•  Microcurrent and electro-muscle stimulation

•  Inferential electro-therapy

•  Superficial heat therapy for increased


•  Cryotherapy to reduce localized tissue


•  Ultrasound therapy to improve blood flow

   and healing

Therapies for any discomfort

Additional therapies before or after your chiropractic treatment allows your body to heal faster, increase blood flow and reduce swelling in localized areas. Please make sure you notify the doctor if you have questions about your treatment plan.

Benefits of therapies

Pain-Relieving Therapies

When you're experiencing back, neck or pain in your arms or legs, a simple chiropractic adjustment may not always do the trick. Sometimes the doctor may suggest an additional therapy for your recovery and treatment.


For 15 years, Advanced Chiropractic & Physiotherapy in Lakewood Ranch, FL has offered a variety of therapies to reduce your pain. From sports injury therapy to muscle stimulation, they have the perfect therapy for your pain or injury.

Specialized treatments

Whether you're dealing with low back pain, sports injuries, auto accident injuries, or a work-related injury means that you need a treatment that is customized to fit your needs. Your unique pain or injury is evaluated and combined with your health history and other concerns to create a specialized treatment plan just for you.

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