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"When my in-laws were involved in a serious car accident on Pope Rd, my husband and I insisted they go to Lakewood Spine and Sport. Neither of them had ever been to a chiropractor, much less even understood the vast range of care offered. Dr. Brian Edens was so patient and explained all procedures thoroughly, making them feel comfortable. The staff was excellent with handling the insurance. We would not have known what to do without them. I am happy to report they are feeling much better and truly believe in value of chiropractors. Great job!"


- Margarite

•  Herniated or bulging discs

•  Degenerative disc disease

•  Facet syndrome Sciatica

•  Post-surgical patients

•  Spinal Stenosis

Pain relief for any injury or back pain

To discover if you are a likely candidate for spinal decompression, contact the office of Advanced Chiropractic & Physiotherapy for an initial consultation. They will study your case history and explain your treatment options.

A new beginning with decompression

Beneficial Spinal Decompression

If you're looking for a treatment that is more involved than regular chiropractic adjustments, but less invasive than surgery, spinal decompression may be what you're looking for. Non-surgical and effective, spinal decompression at Advanced Chiropractic & Physiotherapy in Lakewood Ranch, FL helps the relive pain associated with herniated and degenerative discs, posterior facet syndromes, using traction, distraction and positioning.


Spinal decompression enhances the healing process, with quick and effective pain relief.

Benefits of decompression

The DTS Triton traction therapy is a comprehensive program, combined with stabilization exercises, biofeedback, and chiropractic care that has proven to increase pain relief originating in the discs of your back. Advanced Chiropractic & Physiotherapy works hard to make sure you get to feeling your best quickly.

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